Fishing and humpback whales in the Dominican Republic

The season when humpback whales will come to the coast of the Dominican Republic is coming. Annually from the middle of January to the middle of March hundreds of humpback whales swim to the warm coastal waters of the island.

Humpback whales come to the coast of the Dominican Republic for mating habits and for the birth of issue. Have you ever seen mating dances of whales? It’s spectacular. It’s very impressive to look at how the 15-17 meter giants jumps out of the water when they are frisking. When they are swimming one course with a yacht at a distance of several meters, throwing up a column of water. And you really begin to feel very small, admiring the power and size of these beautiful creatures.

It’s usual for our fishermen on yachts to meet these huge marine mammals on the high seas during this time. We often hear surprised exclamations of the fishermen: “What a fish!” For many of them, everything that swims is already a fish, but that is not always true.

Humpback whales are mammals and it’s wrong to call them fish, but we should be tolerant to the fishing way of thinking of the fishermen.

The maximum number of humpback whales is observed near the coast of the peninsula of Samana and at the entrance to the eponymous bay. But that does not mean that they are all there. They can be seen in other completely unexpected places.

Not every fishing expedition will have such a lucky meeting with whales, but approximately every 2nd or 3rd sea tour is most likely to see whales in the mentioned period. You should take a break and enjoy the unique and rare moments of such a meeting with whales which is a real spectacle. As a result, in addition to fascinating and hazardous fishing, you can probably get an interesting tour of the observation of humpback whales.
Good luck!

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