Fishing in the Dominican Republic

Sea fishing is one of the most exciting adventures in the Dominican Republic that is worth visiting here.
Coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, surrounding the Dominican Republic, are rich in various types of wild fish.

Tuna, wahoo, mahi-mahi, and of course blue and white marlin and other types of fish attract professional fishermen and fishing enthusiasts to visit the Dominican Republic and go trolling.

Sea fishing in the Dominican Republic is carried out on trolling yachts equipped with professional equipment and with the assisting of experienced crews who perfectly know the coastal waters and the exact places where the exact kinds of fish live. Trolling is the most common way of sea fishing. Tackle with a bait thrown from a yacht, which imitates swimming fish or squid, attracts predators that we are interested in.

This struggle with a large marine creature caught on a hook will undoubtedly give pleasure to every fisherman and leave amazing impressions about such a reckless “fight”. The overwhelming number of fishermen go fishing just because of this exciting feeling.

The evidence of the popularity of sea fishing in the Dominican Republic are numerous annual fishing tournaments. They attract a large number of teams from different countries.

It’s not for those who want to combine sea trolling with swimming in the sea. There are a lot of companies organizing yachting trips to sea for this purpose.

There is always a chance to have no catch. To lower this probability you should have the professional captain, who after learning what kind of fish you are interested in, will ride the yacht to those places where the probability of success will be higher. Often yachts go 10-15 nautical miles from shore to achieve success. Pleasure yachts will drive you along the shore, imitating trolling. Therefore, be careful about choosing people that will sail with you. This will increase your chance of success.

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